Music Industry, Hospitality, & Real Estate Professional

EVP Talent and Venues, Lucky Man Concerts

Founder & President, M Inc and related ventures

Business Development, Management, Growth

Jesse has identified and overseen the development and implementation of large-scale business management, development, and M&A projects in the entertainment, concert & live event, and real estate development fields across a wide range of assets and industry types. This has required him to develop excellent strategic and analytical acumen, strong communication skills, and the ability to effectively collaborate on high profile projects and in fast-paced environments. Jesse possesses an overall profciency in large-scale business strategy, project management, crisis management, and management of teams. Jesse has the skills and experience necessary to prepare effective business strategies and to manage large projects and teams spread out all over the country.

Concerts & Concert Venues

Jesse is a Colorado native and is a product of the Auraria Campus, graduating from UCD with a Bachelor of Science in Music and a minor in Business. While still a student at CU Denver, Jesse began promoting concerts, and continued in this business for over 15 years as owner and operator of Nobody In Particular Presents, which promoted over a thousand concerts and other events nationwide annually under his leadership; locally promoted events at Red Rocks and other public venues; and exclusively promoted the Denver Botanic Gardens Summer Concert Series as well as the company’s owned venues: the Ogden, Bluebird, and Gothic Theatres. In addition to renovating and owning the theaters in Denver, NIPP also owned and operated the Royal Oak Music Theater in Detroit, the Colorado Music Hall in Colorado Springs, and the Marquee Theater in Phoenix, which they built during this time.  During his career in the music business he was also a senior operating executive for House of Blues, Universal Concerts, and Fey Concert Company.

Restaurants & Nightlife

Jesse has been described as a mainstay in the hospitality industry as a result of his work concepting, design/building, and owning/operating a collection of bars, restaurants, night clubs, hotels, and other real estate in Denver and other cities. He is the Founder and President of M│inc, and most recently designed and opened a number of successful, high-profle dining and entertainment properties in Denver and elsewhere. In Denver, these food and beverage properties have included Sketch Food & Wine, El Diablo Cocina y Tequileria, La Rumba Nightclub, Rockbar, The Thunderbird Imperial Lounge, hotel developments including the Hotel St Paul and First Avenue Hotel, and concert venues around the country.

Real Estate Development

In addition to his hospitality and entertainment interests, Morreale has been credited as being a sophisticated, capable, and creative real estate developer and small business person, whose development projects focus on historic preservation and restoration. Morreale’s strengths in this sector include identifying properties and projects that are in need of attention and creative planning, and planning/designing restoration and uses which contribute to the community through being transformative in the areas in which they are located, and contribute to the cultural fabric of the community and City at large.


Over the course of all of his endeavors, Morreale has made it a paramount cause to enrich the Denver community, its residents
and cultural community, create jobs, and help people. Over time, Jesse has employed and managed thousands of people full
time, and was twice consecutively named one of 5280 Magazine’s Most Infuential People in Denver.

Awards & Accolades

  • Twice named one of the “Most Infuential People” in Denver, 5280 Magazine

  • Name one of Denver’s “150 Unsung Heroes” by the City & County of Denver when, in celebration of its 150th birthday on Saturday, Nov. 22, 2008, the City and County of Denver selected 150 of its citizens to honor as “unsung heroes” – or, as the City described, “Ordinary people who have done extraordinary things to help make the city a better one for this and future generations.”

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